Attention to detail, innovation in the future


The company has more than 1,200 sets of various industrial sewing machines such as double-needle cars, flat sewing machines and overlock sewing machines. More than 200 sets of special production equipment such as high-frequency cars, knotting machines and heat sealing and bonding machines; 55 sets/set of testing equipment such as needle testing machine, fabric combustion-supporting performance tester, fabric wetness tester, etc.

The company's existing travel tents, car covers, yacht covers, pet supplies four production lines, with cutting, sewing, packaging and other eight production workshops. The annual production capacity is 0.25 billion yuan, and the annual production capacity is: 2.5 million tops/sets of various tents; 1.6 million pieces/set of car covers; 2 million boat covers; Pet supplies 2.4 million/set.